Javascript Neural Networks

There are tons of neural network implementations out there, but not many in JavaScript. This is pretty surprising given that JavaScript is awesome and neural networks could really benefit from being in the browser. One partial implementation was used to do some sweet Captcha OCR, and my last post was about using them to determine whether to display black or white text over a given background color.

I ended up creating brain, the missing JavaScript neural network library. I tried to make it easy to use. To use it you don’t have to know what a hidden layer is (but you can specify hidden layers if you want), you can also specify input (and expected output, for training) as hashes instead of arrays – good for sparse or labelled input, and you can pass trained networks around in JSON, which is useful with Worker threads.

If you want to find out more using neural networks from a programmatic perspective, this is a good introduction that just popped up.