Open Source Rocks – Follow Up

My last blog post was quite a downer, so I want to do a short follow up for posterity.

First of all, there were some nice responses to it from Steve Klabnik and especially Corey Haines, who gave a sincere straight-up apology. Several people have told me they are usually very nice, so keep that in mind.

The emails I got really stuck out to me. Some people had their own stories that were way worse than mine. Sadly, several said that this is why they’d never open sourced anything.

But I also got emails with people telling me how useful they’d found some of my open source projects. That right there makes it all worth it. Make sure you let people know when you appreciate their work, it might help balance out some of the bad.

I want to make it clear that you should definitely still open source your code. I still wouldn’t hesitate to open source something if I thought it could be useful to someone.