Filing Bugs in Components

I’m always filing bugs, and I usually know the Bugzilla component they’re supposed to go in. So I made a shortcut to get around the hoops of picking a component on the Bugzilla form. It’ll autocomplete on product and component name for faster filing:


I also often search for bugs by summary in a component, so I made a shortcut for that too. You can search for open, closed, or both:

I’m interested in the common fields other people use when searching for bugs, so if you have any insight leave a comment.



4 thoughts on “Filing Bugs in Components

  1. Yes! Bookmarked. Been wanting something like this for a while.

    BTW I feel like the new bug form shouldn’t open a new tab, since I would just have opened a new tab for the new bug form itself.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I think thats a good call. A couple people have said they put this in an app tab, so that would make that workflow a bit harder, but it’s probably a small subset.

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