Rainbow Update

A new version of Rainbow is out. This new version contains a bunch of tiny fixes that make it 10x more useful I think:

Extract color schemes from images

Extract the color scheme from any image on the page by right-clicking the image and selecting “Extract Color Scheme”:

Preview element colors

There’s now a “Preview Element Color” context menu item that will let you quickly inspect the background/text colors of any element in Rainbow’s color picker:

View last color

View whatever color was last copied/saved from the inspector with the “View Last Color” shortcut in Rainbow’s main menu:

This version also adds a French localization courtesy of Alain Besancon and some much-needed bug fixes.

Anyways, the real news is that 1.4 is the last version I’ll release on this code base barring any new locales or bugs. Soon I’ll be starting a complete re-write that might take awhile. The current code is written by a total JavaScript and programming n00b (me, four years ago) and uses XUL (thus can’t use Jquery or any nice new HTML features).

I’ll be converting it to HTML, modularizing it (starting with https://github.com/harthur/color), and making it a Addon-SDK-based addon and creating a Chrome extension if all goes well.

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Update

  1. You know what would be hot? No, not Bea Arthur. Building this into the Dev Tools that ship with Firefox. Pleeeeeeease!

  2. Interesting. I saw this post while looking at the open source assholes news. I’m currently working on a web app to help web designers select color patterns, so while this is the opposite end of design from what I’m doing, it’s still useful to see. Thanks!

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