Bugzilla Web Services fun

So if you try to call a method from a module that doesn’t exist in Bugzilla web services (in my case, I was trying to call ‘bugzilla.version’ but I should have been calling ‘Bugzilla.version’) then it will return a really cryptic and unhelpful fault with the text “Can’t call method “login_exempt” on an undefined value at Bugzilla/WebService/Server.pm line 25″. Just in case anyone else runs into this.

Also, you must use https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/xmlrpc.cgi, not http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/xmlrpc.cgi or it will return a 411 error.

5 thoughts on “Bugzilla Web Services fun

  1. hi Harthur,
    I’m trying to integrate bugzilla and HP QC .. i’m asked to use the webservices of bugzilla n have to code in java. I’m a fresher , this being my first project is vey important for me .. plz guide me thru..

  2. Thanks a lot, http instead of https caused me a lot of trouble and many problems with 411. Thanks…

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