Linux breaks 1% market share on the client? nice! Still not nearly enough. I can’t believe more people don’t use Linux, especially over Windows. I like Macs fine and enjoy OS X and several aspects of the user experience, but for programming, it’s hands down Linux, there’s nothing more straightforward. I even prefer Linux as a regular user, it’s on my PC (Ubuntu right now). I especially like the super fast and seamless installation of free and open source software. The only encumbrance is the lack of good-quality substitutes for some software products, I’m not totally satisfied with the word processing, vector graphics, and image editing open source software right now, but that could change if Linux keeps on increasing it’s market share. It’s FREE, people! All you need to do is burn it on a regular CD-R, insert the CD in your computer, and hit F11 or whatever when you reboot your computer. Unbelievable.

One thought on “Linux

  1. Use Google docs for word processing!

    It’s nice that it syncs to my Sony Ericsson U20i and Samsung GT-N8000 🙂 Likewise the calendar, contacts and all other sorts of stuff.

    For Graphics, urg. Can’t agree more, I have PhotoChop touch on my tablet, but it isn’t always the best.. For painting on the computer, I use myPaint — supernice with infinite canvas! But it’s sometimes buggy :-/

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